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When winter is here and snow is in the air, stop and look at these seven tips to improve the quality of your driveway. Avoid common snow plowing mistakes by following our easy steps. Read on to learn more. 

3 Snow Plowing Mistakes to Avoid

Not Using the Proper Equipment or Attire

Snow removal for your driveway and sidewalk may require shoveling or plowing, depending on the snowfall. Knowing which technique is needed will be beneficial to your time and health. Before removing the snow, check the depth and density to sense the work it will take.

You also want to be prepared with your attire. Wearing layers allows you to be warm, yet you can remove layers as you warm up from shoveling.

Lifting with Your Back

Shoveling too much snow at one time can stress your body. When lifting snow, bend your knees and lift with your legs to avoid wrenching your back. Lifting with your back puts too much strain on your spine and may irritate a disc in your spine. This feeling of irritation is the typical lower back pain that people experience. The most crucial part of avoiding this pain is to know what you are doing that causes it.

Incorrectly Using Salt and Sand

Sometimes your driveway can get icy during the winter, and you can take care of that using products like salt or sand. However, salt can be tricky to use. Too much can damage the driveway and surrounding landscaping, yet too little might not get the job done.

To avoid either situation, follow the directions provided with the salt and remember to scrape/ shovel after applying. Outside damage is not the only thing that can happen. For example, when salt is brought inside the house by shoes, it can damage flooring and rugs.

On the other hand, and can help the ice situation. Although it does not melt the ice, it does provide traction when applied on top of the ice. Unfortunately, sand needs to be reapplied often to be effective because it only works when it is deep under snow.

Even though sand does not get rid of the ice on your driveway, it is a favorable option over salt because it does not have damaging side effects.

Safe snow removal from your driveway is necessary. Double-check that you always have the correct equipment, attire, and technique before shoveling. Being quick and on the ball with snow plowing your driveway is essential to reduce pain and ice. Also, you do not want to leave your home as an invitation to burglars!

Did you forget your snow blower broke last spring? Or that the salt you used damaged your grass? Maybe you remember the pain you got after shoveling. Skip the tips, and hire it out! Receive quick, efficient, quality snow plowing care that is worry-free. The best part? You’ll save so much time you can spend with family instead of being exhausted and tired.

4 Benefits of Hiring a Snow Plowing Company

The Professionals Are Efficient and Ensure Quality

Professionals like us at Anderson Bros Outdoors get paid to plow driveways quickly with quality. There are expectations on how to leave the driveway, and we will ensure they are met. We have different equipment for different locations, including snow plows, snow blowers, shovels, etc.

Each driveway, sidewalk, and parking lot is different from the next, so it is essential to know what equipment will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with the highest quality!

Stay Worry-Free with a Season Contract, Especially on Vacation

What is worse than coming home from a Minnesota winter vacation to last week’s snowfall on your driveway? How can you avoid that? Snow plowing company, Anderson Bros Outdoors, offers a worry-free contract that is especially worth it when you are working or on vacation. You will always be left with a plowed driveway as quickly as possible!

Maintenance-Free Equipment

Taking care of your snow removal requires the necessary equipment. You may need shovels and scrapers, but then you are committing time and risk of injury. A Snow blower is another option that reduces time and pain but is more expensive.

Whatever route you choose, you rely on your equipment to be in shape for snow removal whenever you need it. When you rely on a snow plowing company to take care of the driveway, you can expect them to show up on time with maintained equipment that makes them work quickly and efficiently for your driveway!

Readily-Available and Guaranteed Results

Snow plowers get paid to take care of driveways in the best way they can because it is their job! With that, you can expect guaranteed results when they come by, and if you are one with a seasonal contract, you can consistently expect them to arrive on time. Your driveway will be left cleared and ready for you to head to work the next day.

Now What?

You wake up in the morning and are about to head to work when you notice it snowed 3 inches last night! You have two options, shovel the driveway and run late to work or leave it, for now, to deal with later. What do you choose? You do not want to be late, so you decide to leave the snow for later.

You get home after work and forget you need to clear your driveway! You get right to it and realize your car compacted the snow, and now it has gotten icy with the sun coming and going during the day. Worse yet, the snow is quite heavy from the temperature changes, and you hurt your back lifting it.

Then you start using salt to de-ice your driveway, but you do not realize that you oversalted onto your lawn. Unfortunately, you will not know this until next spring when the snow melts, revealing patches of dead grass.

When you are all tuckered out, you look next door to your neighbor and notice his clear driveway. He pays the professionals to clear his driveway safely, efficiently, and quickly. He has no issues with snow and ice because he went ahead with a worry-free contract. 

What is the difference between you and your neighbor? You saved money because you knew you could do it yourself. Your neighbor also knows he can do it himself, but why doesn’t he? He notices your exhaustion from clearing your driveway after a long day at work and is reminded that he is paying for the experience, not the snow plowing.

Your neighbor knows he can snow plow his driveway, but he spends the extra money to feel energized and worry-free even during a snowstorm. He does this because he values his time more than you do yours.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you are a do-it-myself person, then be aware of those common mistakes that will cost you more. Otherwise, take the easy, efficient, and quality route by hiring a snow plowing company like Anderson Bros Outdoors to save you time, plus you save money in the end!


What is the best way to remove snow from a long driveway?

There are a few different methods for snow removal on a long driveway. The best way to go is to get a snow blower; This is a reasonably quick route and does not involve a lot of labor. The least expensive route would be to shovel it by hand, which would take extensive time and labor.

Hiring a snow removal company like Anderson Bros Outdoors would be more expensive than the previous options, but it would be the quickest, easiest, and result in the highest quality. Companies will bring a snow blower or a plow that hooks up to a truck.

There is another option to remove snow from a long driveway, and that would be to invest in a heated driveway. Going this route is rare because of the expensive cost, but it saves time.

What is the fastest way to shovel snow on a driveway?

If the snow is light and fluffy, it might be easy to shovel side to side as you go down the driveway. However, the fastest way is to shovel a line down the middle of the driveway to split it in two. Then shovel each side to the edge of the driveway.

Properly lifting the snow also helps with making it go quickly. If the snow is light and fluffy, another option would be to use a leaf blower. This method only works with a few inches of light snow, but it works!

Is it better to shovel the snow on your driveway or leave it?

The best thing to do is shovel the snow immediately in the morning. Removing the snow more often is faster and easier, even if the storm continues. If time allows, shovel the snow every hour so it does not build up and become heavy.

Leaving the snow to pile up makes it heavier to shovel. Also, it compacts down when it is driven on, making it harder to shovel, and ice starts forming below. Lingering snow makes it more challenging to care for your driveway.

The Bottom Line

If it is within your budget, hiring professionals will save you time and alleviate the stress of completing the snow clearing on your own. Need help clearing your snow? Contact Anderson Bros Outdoors to get started.

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